If you're a web developer OR python developer, what are the top 3 concepts you should understand like the back of your hand?

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    MVC architecture!
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    MVC for backend and how JS works for the front
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    I always thought MVC is outdated shit, but it helps a lot to think of software modules in 3 main groups. Especially in big projects.

    For web, this whole asychronous, promise, callback shit. It makes stuff nicely peformant if used correctly.👌
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    MVC, isn't that Models, Views, Controllers?

    Models being the data tables

    Views being whatever the client sees (templates)

    Then Controllers, server-side logic (like the views.py file for Django projects)
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    If it's >insert programming language< developer role, then it's most likely default programming paradigm used in it and framework in the field company works.
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    Spiders and snakes are dangerous
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    I'm a python dev, so I know we get it easy when it comes to alot of lower level concepts. How important is say memory allocation?
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    User first!
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    The box model!
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    Programming patterns in general.
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