Who else finds themselves typing esc + :wq in there IDE after using vim for a while.

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    I find myself using Emacs Ctrl-keys all the time.

    That's fine on the the bash command line (where they work), not so good in an IDE....
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    I write as a hobby and my word processor gets full of vim commands.
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    i do :q! on shell sometime thinking am already inside vi
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    @rtannerf I've heard of Vmail which basically is gmail plugin for vim, and about mutt, which is command line email client, didn't have time to test them though.

    @dayo why use anything other than Vim? ( and why don't you use vim mode in your IDE? )
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    I even added :q as an alias for exit because I kept typing that rather than exit or Ctrl+D
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    @xydac Same here! On the shell prompt
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