84 hours. Took alot of coffee and adderall. Had 5 projects with reasonable deadlines until mother fucking hurricane Katrina decided it wanted to be the best cocksucking blowing bitch around and knocked power out for two weeks. I managed to get 3 projects finished before i passed out for a day but two clients got pissed off cause their projects were late. They were pissed off even more when i had to pull the Forced Majeure clause cause they wanted to be bitches and didn't want to pay for my work

TL;DR: Hurricane didn't kill me so deadlines tried

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    Can I ask where do you find projects or get clients? Actually I also want some projects
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    How serious did it get, emails, letters, lawyers and court?
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    @Ganofins Katrina was awhile ago and it's a different time now. Now the easiest way to get contracted projects is to contribute to oss and make contacts. Once you have contacts alot of devs that have too much business are willing to pass along new clients when their work load is too high. I do suggest you do the same once you get your name out cause there's no such thing as too much business

    @rusty-hacker they shutup and payed me after i sent them a highlighted contract with forced majeure, code rights, and who payed lawyer fees. So they realized no matter what i won. I either kept their down payment and released it myself or sued them and they pay my lawyer along with me
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    @Ganofins open source software. Really anything to show that you know what you are doing. Even something like codefights might help the idea remains the same though get known and talk with other devs on a personal level. When i did it i started with freelancer and irc but now days i wouldn't suggest freelancer to even a grade school student looking for lunch money
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