Excuse me what the fuck? I deny your access to collect my data and you won't show me any content? Fine. Time to leave your shitty site then

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    That site is an example, when the retarded client makes developer to use JavaScript to do evil things, you can use a plugin to disable JS on their site and continue watching though ;D
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    @Argos there might be plugin but its still fucked up. Why would i need to share my data to watch an article online?
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    @ThatPerlDeb Because making and hosting that article cost them and they want something from you in exchange for access. They might have ads or other source of income, but that does not mean they can't ask for more.
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    @arraysstartat1 i do very well understand that serving such pages cost money and that ads might not be sufficient but to completely deny access if i deny their access to cookies/ data collection? Doesnt seem reasonable to me
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    Usually disabling (or preferably, keeping disabled) JavaScript on sites like that does help a lot. Other than that, fuck them. There's a special place in hell for data-hungry cunts like that.
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    @ThatPerlDeb because the owner of that website is a retarded cocksucker, of course
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    Just remove the wrapper in the inspector for the modal, and remove the overflow: hidden attribute from the body. This works basically always regardless of the modal used.

    Not on your phone, though.
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