When I was freelancing and still studying 60 hrs a week.
~20 hrs. bread-and-butter job
~20 hrs. for University
~20 hrs. writing a full-stack application for a startup

I did that for about 3 months, afterwards I luckily had no classes left.
Only, the thesis is still open. But on the other hand, the freelance work for the startup was a pretty good reference for scoring an actual, well-paid position which made me leave my old job as well as freelancing.

Now I work roughly 40 hours a week with nearly as much freedom as a freelancer but less paperwork.

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    Congrats :) how did the startup code turn out?
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    @pionell Pretty useful for them I guess. It was mostly yet another online booking system written in Ruby on Rails but it ist still working to this day.
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    Oh yeah, there was probably a 14h streak somewhere in there, a day on which I did all 3 things.
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