Now you can DOWNLOAD Home appliances from playstore.. :D

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    1 million downloads boys, check the review for me
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    I love the Dutch windmill in the background, to make it look more legit
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    @Floydian you have an SD card; want a fan too?
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    @qwerty77asdf this is next level shit. I am leaving this planet soon.
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    In case you were wondering, here's the app's description:

    PS: This app is just a joke, you won't get actually wind from it, ok? It is physically impossible to make an app like that. Our goal is to provide you a good sleep with the best sleeping sound in the world: A nice table fan!

    yes, i was disappointed as well.
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    The app was probably meant for a smart fan but accidentally published on the Play Store XD
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    Portable Fan, by "Holy Coder" 😁
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    @git-gud what?! This need to be reported for false clickbait title, I was hoping for a portable fan on my phone that I could use anywhere :(
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    I want to download more ram, have an app for that?
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    @N0-Flux-Given there is also bundled with upgrading your processor power
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    @git-gud here's the thing... They made really good money with this app that took half an hour to code

    To me, that's really something
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    I want to know, who are the people who searched for it in the first place. :i
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    I'm waiting for iPhone by Holy Coder.
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