I've finally got a monitor at work that works with Samsung Dex.
Positive things:
- new super cool monitor
- can remove windows now from the dual boot of the laptop since everything I needed it for can be now done on Dex.

Negative things:
- DevRant doesn't work with Dex. It just doesn't load properly. But maybe it will work through a browser. Need to test...

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    devRant only works on phones in portrait for some reason. It's one of the main reasons why I want to make a custom client for Android. But I don't fully understand the API yet (though I did get a hold of some private documentation) and neither do I understand Android app development 😔
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    @Condor oO that's weird. I don't know much about apps either but once one has a browser client shouldn't it work anywhere in any format? Or is that just my wishful thinking?
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    @hasu the devRant website can now be used (there's a web app now), but only in the desktop version (so tablets and Android TV's etc should be able to work with it). The mobile version still doesn't let you login and actually interact with devRant though 😕

    So yeah.. currently there's some API clients for Linux and Windows, the official app for Android phones, and the website for any other landscape devices.. but I don't think that there's any (more responsive) API clients for Android yet.. which kinda sucks really.
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