Multi-Screen problem: So I need to run a VR headset with a laptop, and the laptop has only one hdmi connection. I don't have any extra hdmi adapters, so I cannot connect my second screen while working with the headset, which sucks...
then it hit me...
there is an app called spacedesk which allows you to use your phone as an additional screen. I have a docking station for my phone so I can connect hmdi to it. On the first try the resolution was shit since it uses the default phone resolution. But the phone has Samsung Dex, which allows you to run everything full screen on your connected screen, so I can run the app within Samsung Dex and therefore will get full resolution.

And this works. It's kinda stupid and maybe a bit complicated, but it works. God, I love technology :D:D:D

This is the adapter to adapter to adapter to adapter meme in action, just wireless. Lol. I'm proud of this xD

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    Got any USB-C?

    You'd be surprised what USB-C can do sometimes.
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    @N00bPancakes the laptop has but I don't have any usb-c to hdmi or similar adapters :/
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    @hasu they're pretty common adapters, maybe something to keep in mind for later if needed.
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    an you cant use the vr-headset for your windows?
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    @stop that would be even worse. I don't want to wear it all the time and I need to see what I'm typing and stuff. Also it gets rather hot in it all the time and uncomfortable:/
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