Really regretted to born in India. I know I should not say bad about the country in which I born and living it but there are so many reasons.

Govt of India is very poor. Nothing can be processed if you don't have offered bribe or you don't have political power and pressure.

My company offering me onsite to go London for my project, govt is not issuing me PCC Police Clearance Certificate even I never had any crime.

Police says for your current address 6 month is duration you're living here so we submitted 6 months crime is nil and 4.5 years is more required.

I went to passport office and happy to submit all documentation for previous addresses so that police verification can be done but no body is taking documents

No progress in my file.

I'm too much frustrated now.

I reported to ministry and prime minister of India but even no progress.

I'm really fed-up.


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    do you have a letter from the client in london that proofes you'll be needed in london? It should be very formal so that it impresses the measly excuses of goverment "servants".
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    I actually don't agree with the "you shouldn't complain about your country" statement.

    We don't decide where we are born and being a citizen is a contract between state and individual (you pay taxes and contribute resources, they give services and guarantee freedoms), in my opinion if you don't fit your country's standards and they impose you personal progress you are in your right to seek better options legally to a country that fits both your ideological and economical needs so you adapt to them

    I'd say you could do some offshore work for foreign companies and they'll probably seek to hire you and release you from the paperwork
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    Dude there is something wrong here. One doesn't need to submit documents in person, they need to upload it to the site. Also, who ask for 4.5 year pcc??? Last time when I got it done I just got it done for the address mentioned on my adhaar.
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    That's the main concern.
    For current address mentioned on Aadhar I'm living since 6 months so all is fine

    They asked for 4.5 years as police recommended and recommend to all. However there is no rule.
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    PCC should only be done to current address, no matter what is the duration.

    Passport office is saying we are agree but we follow police recommendation.

    Police is saying we are only writing about 6 month crime is nil
    We don't know how 4.5 years line is written, may be it is automated.

    Police is blaming passport office
    Passport office is blaming police
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    Getting PCC is 1hour to 21days process.

    It's been 90 days and nothing I have, no progress.

    No complaint is being listened neither online nor offline.
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    I have some sarcastic comments that I would have posted on this situation but i can't.

    This is so sad and depressing situation.

    I hope you find a way.
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    @HoloDreamer thanks for your understanding. I'm really fed-up.

    If you'll be at my place and been visited to 15 times to police station and 5 times to passport office even no progress then you should also fed-up like me.
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    @rajeshyadavnet something definitely isn't right pertaining to the PCC.
    Although I would agree to parts of your op, the govt isn't exactly poor. It's just that the people in every segment are greedy. This isn't in *just* your country. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Been there, done that!

    1. You shouldn't talk bad about your country?
    -> Don't know why? Who said? Any rule?
    If I don't talk, who else will? People leaving outside? How do they know? How do they correct themselves?

    2. It is not 4.5 years, it is just 1 year. Last one year.

    3. Reporting to ministry, will get you nothing!
    -> I tweeted exactly same thing to ministry, TBH I met a broker outside who said will get passport in 7 days.

    4. Especially in India, to play the game well, you need to read and understand the rules.
    -> There is something called Tatkal, did you try that?
    -> Also, it says you need 3 govt id cards. With that you can get it in tatkal with in 3 days.

    You dont have one in current address, find a right person. He can get you voter card from the year 2015 or even way past as a proof that you are living at the present address for more than a year. Once you get that, its barely a process with tatkal.

    #AllTheBest #WhenYouBoardFlightToLondonThisDoesntMatterAnymore
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    Pcc is issued for last six months only. Also, adhaar is sufficient for everything.

    And the process is so easy and quick that now we don't need brokers. Just provide proper documents and know exactly what you need.
    I really appreciate the work done by sushma aunty to make the process user friendly.
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    Fucking morons can't even make roads that last more than 6 months and they want tax from our income. Fuck everyone who's in politics😐
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    @JKyll speaks wisdom.
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