The best teammates are those those who don't care about the project for 3 months and then one week before the deadline ask: "Is there anything left to do?"

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    Assuming school because it doesnt work like that at work.
    Then reply: what are you talking about? You aren't in my team right? Then go to the teacher and ask him if he is indeed in your team and say that you didnt know that because he showed up in the last week.
    If the groups were made clearly and you should know that he was in your group say that you assumed he went to another group because he hasnt done anything yet.

    I dont mind doing more work than others, I do mind people lifting on my work.
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    @Codex404 It's for a competition actually. I also have no problem with doing more work but it annoys me when people ignore something and then expect me to have done everything.
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    @404response what kind of competition, is it something that you can say "who is he? He is not on our team right? Is he? I assume his job was to rest while we did our work?"
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    1. tell your teacher that whoever asks "is there anything left to do?", to ask them "list me in details everything you have done by now"

    2. tell your friend to ask the teacher "is there anything left to do?"

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