I'm the git master in my group for a uni project as I am the only one with some experience.
This is what I have to deal with

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    Push with what, where? Into the repo? 😃 I suggest changing to Perforce, you can version binaries there.
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    I like your emoji reaction 🤣
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    I feel your pain
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    Been there this year, and I really don’t want to go back just to avoid this. 😑
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    Imagine they started doing force push😅
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    lol..sounds like a fun uni
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    I 'require' my teammates to have at least a basic knowledge of git, before I want to work with them
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    When I was working in a corporation people from another country (also working for this corporation) sent us some code. On USB stick. Using regular courier service.

    We're in the 21st century. What's wrong with those people?
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    I actually use zipped luks containers (using dd, mkfs.ext4, cryptsetup, tar) as portable secure git repositories... but I guess that doesn't count.
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    Add them to a single bin file!
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    My feelings.
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    @pranay414 that's why I always protect the main branches.
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    Teach! You can create 3 more good developers, do it, spread the message!
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    My last teammate kept using github web ui... And also creating pull requests that would go into the main folder rather than src
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    But can you pull them as rar?
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    That just shows a fundamental lack of any understanding of what GIT is/does. They need a tutorial or some more handholding, you can't expect someone new to VCS to get it right away. Be patient and guide them, if you make them feel dumb or small for asking questions they will stop asking and become dangerous, or not use the system at all. Be the geek that doesn't act like a stereotype and help them learn to be better ;)
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    I even heard them saying that : can I drag and drop like I upload everything else on cloud 😂
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    yes I’ll just push my half-baked idea into master
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