Whats a programming language called that is compiled into another programming language called? Is it just a programming language or is it a specific type?

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    @arcadesdude a transpiled language is a language which has been transpiled already.
    Im not sure if it has a single name. Sometimes its a superset, a language which transpiles into another but that transpiled language is valid in the to be transpiled language.
    So is javascript valid typescript and scss is valid css.
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    It's just called a programming language. But the compiler is called transpiler.
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    @Codex404 CSS is valid SCSS, not the other way around.
    Though SCSS does a good job to at least keep the syntax in a way that CSS with SCSS in it wouldn't be invalid, but still it wouldn't do fancy stuff.
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    @Meta fuuu thats what I meant... Its early and Im still sleeping.
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