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    Why is there such a big feature on the cover?
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    @miiitch Tell me moar
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    Ikr. I started learning haskell and couldn't get the time to continue
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    @maushax can't agree more
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    @perotti I've starting implementing some new feature in a big webapp (ES6) following some common Haskell patterns and I feel like my productivity has grown a lot.
    I'm following a "test driven development" logic and a functional and declarative approach flavours that kind of development pattern 😁
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    Changed my life :-P
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    Don’t forget the book “learn you a Haskell for great good!” Super pleasant to read. Easy to follow.

    I picked it up when I was learning F# to get my head around some of the concepts.
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    @Brolls one of the best programming books out there
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