... I'm so done... Our dog died last night, in the arms of my father... And the worst is, my little brother has seen everything and even tried a CPR on him... It's destroying me. Why is life so cruel? R. I. P. Buddy, we'll miss you 😢

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    That is life, in my opinion it is better to experience death on a young age.
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    Rip lil fella. Hope he's in a better place now. Don't feel too bad about adopting another one soon
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    Everyone needs a dog in their life. Nothing better than working on the couch with you faithful companion at your feet.
    Sorry for your loss, and definitely hit up that shelter soon and find a new companion.
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    My condolences man. It's always hard to loose a pet.
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    Thank you guys, it really means a lot. It's far too soon for a new dog, but you'll always need a good friend at your side... 🐶
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