a FULL-STACK developer in 6 MONTHS?

This must be a joke, right?

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    Old McDonald had a course ee eye ee eye oh, with a trigger here, trigger word there, trigger word everywhere
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    @lxmcf with a JavaScript here and a JavaScript there!
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    ysin vvix dod cum u cun criete a wibsit wihch wuld luk naice
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    @jAsE how have you been a freelance developer for 10 years if you have never had a job? Or am i missing something?

    Asking nicely,not trying to shit on ya or anything
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    @jAsE you got any public stuff up on GitHub? First thing I wanna check is a prospective hire's GitHub profile, see if they've got anything up I can have a flick through
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    @jAsE makes sense u___u i wish you luck man
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    Maybe full stack hello world, that's doable in 6 months.
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