After growing problems at work with basically being nothing more than an office junior who gets used to manually input data, with the occasional bits of development.

I sent my CV to a company one of my friends works for applying for a role as a full stack graduate developer.

I have a telephone interview tomorrow, little bit nervous

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    But, is it normal to get imposter syndrome before you’ve even had your first interview?

    I definitely didn’t lie on my CV, and if anything I’ve probably undersold myself, but suddenly I feel like the job would be beyond me
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    @zarathustra you can test yourself on codewars.com .
    Wondering if you are a senior dev yet?
    If you can do senior dev level exercises there, then you are a senior. Period. Don't let other people decide for you.
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    @wateringdisease thanks, I’ll take a butchers when I get home.

    No, I’m not a senior dev, but the role I have applied for just uses graduate instead of junior.

    It would be a pay cut and a 60 mike a day round trip
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    @zarathustra Yes there are other categories there too, like intern or junior dev. You can test yourself ;) good luck
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    Personally think codewars is a bad way to judge whether you're at any particular level when it comes to development.
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    Yes it is not perfect since it measures programming skill only but still better than a questionable human deciding on your behalf.
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    @wateringdisease I'd still have a human decide whether my experience/portfolio is worthy of the 'senior' title personally
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    @for-Each then better make sure that human that likes you lol
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