I decided to make some new icons for Atom editor (the launcher/executable ones), because I liked the vscode-icons project.

Made the repo on GitHub and decided to automate making the icons for different OS using Travis CI.

Started writing the Python Script for Travis.
My google queries:

How to generate icons for Linux?
I can use SVG or generate a PNG, many libraries available. 👍👍

How to generate icons for Windows?
Generate PNGs of various sizes and pack in an .ico file. Easy enough

So far so good.

How to generate icons for Mac?
Mac needs a .icns file, a package of PNGs of various sizes. Libraries available but can be done on OSX only. 😫😫

Then I think, what OS does Travis use?
Oh, I can specify macOS in it 😁😁😁

Starts the build 😎😎

Travis doesn't support Python on macOS


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