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    New Windows computers already use this to log in, it's not even anything new at all
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    @TheBardAbaddon when Apple does it , it's new 😂
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    Tbh wouldn't even be surprised if they actuallly do that (pass the data to the NSA, even if it's not voluntarely)
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    @linuxxx Somebody would have to MITM the face recognition or add a flaw to the bionic chip encryption etc. I highly doubt that can happen outside of apple and they already with their touchid denied FBI. Ofcourse that all is connected with "trust" but you're talking about non voluntarily doing it.
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    @linuxxx And why would they need it out of all sensors on a phone? to get a better sense of how long your nose is?
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    @JoshBent Because they want to get e v e r y t h i n g. That's very much seen by the fact that they run programs like PRISM (in which Apple is integrated anyways), TEMPORA, FASCIA, Optic Nerve, Boundless Informant and Dishfire (http://radioopensource.org/the-five...)
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    NSA is watching you
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    For anyone who can't afford the new iPhone X
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    @linuxxx US secret services, maby except the FBI front end, have been collecting data for years without permission...
    So I wouldn't be surprised if they hack apple to get face recognition data to add to their databases.
    Btw anyone knows how the service they use is called? Echelon is probably dead by now
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    @RodrigoF What service that who uses?
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    Well I don't know much... There were the Echelon series, super computers to gather data, but not really a conspiracy fan...
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    Let's see how this will work 🤔
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    Maybe now we will find out if Mona Lisa is laughing or not.
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    I’m honestly not bothered about people spying on me...

    Instagram and Snapchat are likely using its face structure matching filters to store the structure of everyone’s faces already... under the guise of it being for technical support or some such nonsense.

    Disclaimer: I have no knowledge or proof of this, it’s just what I would do.

    Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, they all already have a big old database full of your pictures.

    Point is who cares? Life’s short, do what you want... I hope someone’s interested enough to spy on me.
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    Hey Apple. Welcome to my OnePlus One two years ago.
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    Hahahaha apple just makes it easy for them like way too easy first they have all our finger prints and now our faces
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