I am about to change job, leave my first company to another, hopefully better one. I have one offer for a multinational company, plus training perks and an offer from a smaller one. They roughly give me the same money. Did a trial day in both of them and they seemed ok to work...
Everyone I talked to, told me to go for the small one, but I really don't know what to do.
Any ranter have carrier advice?

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    Either settle in a birds nest or work within the anthill... Bigger isn't always better ...

    I'd prefer a smaller one as it fits my personality better, I like to be an individual, not a number.
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    Half of my friends told me exactly that.. There I will be just a number, the other half told me that is is a good opportunity for something bigger.
    Both workplaces didn't have such a difference, judging from my probation day.
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    Yeah I understand in the big corp there might be more opportunities also with gaining multinational experience... I've been there, worked with Romanians, Brittish, USA, Icelandic and Denmark teams but then when it comes to climbing the career ladder it somewhat feels like the attached gif ... Infinite ladder, I decided to step over to a small company, maybe with more responsibilities now than my roles before, but more realistic chances of career advancement...

    It is a tough topic I fully agree, it also relates to where you want to see your career go in the end..
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    @Fantomias sorry forgot the @mention
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    Hi @karma, thanks a lot for your advice! You are correct about the ladder, I have to decide, where I want my career to end up and then I will decide the offers. I realized that I have a lot of time ahead of me, to the end of the month, to quit.
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