A nightmare at its best

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    once vise man said , "use auto save option"
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    What are you working with? Notepad?
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    Notepad++ happens not only to be the best text editor under Windows, but also has autosave.
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    Reminds me of a Fucking android studio....
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    that is why the cool kids use emacs
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    Cannot relate, sorry...
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    @knurek123 not unless you switched that flag on in settings and then realize how much it lags thereafter.
    (Although not much visible if you have good ram or OS , but it has definitely disturbed me at some days when i was on ubuntu and accidentally forgot to plug in my charger at 10%)
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    Wtf editor do you use? Microsoft Word?
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    @mr10 Word does have autosave.
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    Switched to sublime text ages ago and never lost a single character ever since...
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    I'm used to press ctrl+s at every line I write. Editor can't do shit now 😂
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