I would love to use Firefox as main mobile browser but it's icon on the bottom row breaks my eyes. Waiting for their rebranding.

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    On comparison, with safari looks better.
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    On comparison, anything looks better when it isn't iOS. ^_^
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    @BadFox Of course I agree that it doesn't. ^_^

    (it's only a matter of taste, I would say)
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    I'd love to use Firefox but I won't because of it's icon. K.
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    @shaji have you concluded I'm not using it?
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    @klekih I've concluded that no conclusion can be concluded ever as all conclusions can not be conclusive as far as conclusions like this go. Conclusion.
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    @shaji if your opinion turns into offensive sarcasm we can end it here.
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    @klekih Safari is bumping so still bad comparison.
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    @klekih so it is. ^_^
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    @klekih don't say that, Sally! I know you said some things, I know i said some things, but that doesn't mean we don't love each other!

    No sarcasm though. Just fucking miserable that's all
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