People these days...
At a bakery 3 girls didn't bother to clean up after themselves although the only thing left to do was to t aske the tray and dump it's contents into the trash can WHICH IS ON THEIR WAY OUT. Yeah but have enough time to cake on rediculous amounts of makeup...

Someone literally shat at the tram stop at the main station so whenever took leave the tram you might just step into it.

Then there are always those religious people trying to hand out pamplets about how great their religion is and how much it is helping- they stand right next to a crippled homeless begger.

Just wow.

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    Well I do have a rage-switch when it comes to people leaving the tray on the table. For me it's basic manners, don't leave a mess, help a bit. If you like the place, the least you can do is leave it as you found it or better. Don't be fucking nasty.
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    People are self-centered assholes. Stupid, egoistic, money-hungry, data-hungry, uncaring pieces of shit. Can't wait until heaven falls down on all of them.. I hate this world and (most of) its inhabitants. Inhabitants who call technologists and other powerful folks lizardmen.. given that that would make me different from those pigs, I'd totally take being called that as a compliment actually.

    Oh well. Not like anything can be done about it anyway. It's far easier to breed a stupid, uncaring fuck than it is to put an intelligent, caring person on the world.. hence why there's so few people that I'd actually like I guess.
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    Excuse me if I am sounding like someone hijacking this thread, but do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?
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    @hasu yeah I saw these three women with their "Wachtturm" pamphlet (Jehova's Witnesses) at that main station today. Oh and DB security threw a beggar out who became quite aggro.
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    @Fast-Nop yeah. Fun times.
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    @Fast-Nop I've read that as database security and got quite confused 😅
    But yeah, fuck beggars. I've been homeless myself so I know how hard it is. But begging ain't gonna do shit. There's welfare for these things, and it doesn't involve bothering random people you come across.
    Oh and also fuck Jehovah's witnesses of course. They deserve to get that pamphlet jammed straight up their ass!
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    @rsync yup. I remember a friend of my grandma's. Her religion was forbidding her from owning a TV, and her grand children were forbidden to go to the amusement park, but it was totally fine for her to lie all the day on my grandma's couch and watch TV.

    Love these kind of people.

    Another one was a friend of mine, who was defending his religion towards me all the time, until I pointed out that it is bs and I cannot believe him that it is a good thing, if he does not live according to it's rules in the first place.

    A few years passed, and at some point, he came to me and was like: "you were right. I'm not that religious to begin with."
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    @Condor lol yeah didn't think about Deutsche Bahn (German Railway for non-Germans) having the same abbreviation. ^^

    @hasu btw., just forgot, my visit there was the first in I don't know how long where the doc said "everything OK". I guess it pays off to go there to make sure things don't go bad in the first place. Guess I'll go there once per year now. Oh, and should you be in HH, ideally even the two of you, you can also drop me a note. :-)
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    @Fast-Nop yay that sounds good :D Will do. Or if you are here again, let me know ^^
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