If shes happy good, but still this makes me feel queasy none the less.

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    @Floydian I really hope that's the case. I cant read the article without paying nytimes a subscription. So I don't know. :/
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    @Floydian did just that and apparently this has been going on for a several years now
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    Its China. The country runs on "YesSir" "DontCauseAScene" and "OohPrettyLady". This doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

    Side note: I've been to China. I know what I'm talking about.
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    Most of the larger cities house a significant majority of people who operate mostly on those principles. Sexism is just a small part of it, but its in a completely different format to that of the western world, and in particular, the US.
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    @Floydian you and I both. Not that mine is any better.

    China is a strange place. Overpromises, overdeliveries that are really just normal deliveries, weird gangs of old ladies, a distinct sense of being unwelcome, yet being followed and cooed over by schoolgirls and younger women, and all the while its kinda warm and thick and sticky, and the amount of oil in some of the food really doesn't help.

    Also, nobody takes you seriously until you produce work in front of them. People would barely talk to me until a week had passed and I had finished up a deployment kit for the region. Then suddenly I was being bought drinks and food and given little gifts of some of the strangest things.

    Some dude tried to set me up with his evidently underage daughter too. Sure, I'm gonna marry your 12 year old girl. This is all totally ok™
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    My company provided a stress fighting service too...
    A giant enter button that you can punch!
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    So are these massages with happy endings?
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    @Alice bummer ):
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    I just want to point out:

    - has any one of you lived in china long enough?
    - is any one familiar enough qith the chinese culuture to make these claims?

    While your claims may be right, if you answered no to both questions above, and EVEN if what you said is possibly true,you are still an ethnocentric asshole who proclaims to be a charitable person but is in fact a paternalistic, colonial-type kind of person.

    Remember. Its not because your white that you are the standard.
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    @Santaclauze I ate Chinese once, does that count?
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    Sure bro. The other day i ate sour crout and suddenly it hit me why germs are so...
    You know... German :)@Jilano
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    I would enforce this is my own company once we get enough capital
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    @Floydian why would this "suck completely" otherwise?
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    @Floydian it's a job, if a woman sign for it voluntary she choose to do it and is probably well paid.

    It's not sexist in the respect of the woman doing it, it's just demand, in the mean that most men would be fine to be massaged by a stranger while probably most women would not like to.

    It would be bad in the moment they female employee ask for it and the employer denies it.
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    If there was a male masseuse/therapist on hand to talk to/rant at during the day that would be just fine by me also. Helping out with knotted shoulder muscles sounds like a plus regardless.

    I'm sure there are plenty of places with this sort of perk.
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    @Floydian no respect for women? How did you reach that conclusion from this article/rant?
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    @Floydian if the NY times printed that it was raining I would stick my head out a window to check
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    @Santaclauze don't be such a bigot. Just because Chinese culture includes some pretty awful things doesn't imply that I consider myself the standard to which one should be held.

    There are good things about China. There are good things about America. I don't like either of these countries for various reasons. Just because China is populated mostly with folks who have a slightly different shade of skin does not imply that my view is wrong.

    Incidentally, xenophobia is rampant in China. Why don't you go there and try it out instead of being an angry internet warrior making misinformed statements not worthy of a teenager?
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    I sure would like to have such a motivator.
    I am so tired to motivate myself by hand all the time.
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    On the one hand, pretty ladies and no stress... On the other hand, no stress == no DevRant since nothing to rant about... Hrm.. 🤔 tough one!
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    I 100% want this at my job (but by a dude)
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    Meh. I fall on the side of empowerment and simple market forces at play.

    She’s not a slave and if she’s doing it because she enjoys it then good for her.

    It’s always hysteria on the outside about a job being “demeaning” or “exploitative” regardless of the fact that it’s a voluntary thing to take a particular job.
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    Hum. I did not say i knew anything about China.

    The only thing i pointed out was that unless you are familiar with the culture, you shall not crticize its doungs for fear of being ethnocentric. And that is anth101.

    If you are not sure what it means. Please go quack it.

    Finally, its not because i use the word asshole in my sentence that i am angry. Im just highlighting a certain degree of ignorance.

    Asshole ;) @monr0e
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    Meh, physical appearence will alway and has always been a thing.

    It is do in the animal kingdom and it is in the human one.

    Extreme beauty is almost seen as a curse. Young beautiful virgins have been sacraficed, sold or taken aeay by more poerful people. And that still happens today. People arent even fenuine toeards you because they are blind by it.

    All this new trend complete equality and physical appareance is such bs.

    We are onions and made out of multiple layers. You cant just take layers away and say they are inexistant.

    Also sorry if i came across aggresive in my previous posts, that wasnt my intention. Even though inatill defend my point and the first thing you learn in anth and feminism at uni is exactly thr fact that you are blinded by your own culture which is detrimental to a non biased analyses of the situation.@Floydian
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    @Santaclauze i believe most people that are blinded by their own culture (myself included to a certain degree) is because we dont know our own cultural history.

    However, if we truly understand how our culture and history came about to being what it is we can make progress in the right direction in order to start and analyse the situation.

    It would've been wonderful if we could just categorize all the problems as bugs or features and act accordingly.
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    @Floydian Best friend is Chinese, I've spent time with her family in China, etc.

    Beautiful Chinese women are NOT forced into "inferior", beauty-based jobs. If anything, this woman simply has more options; she has all the options available to 'normal' women, plus the option of this. Because grandparents do most of the heavy lifting of child rearing, it's expected that a woman will have a good education and a good job (not just be a stay at home mom).
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    So you are also a speciest!

    I think nature is more complicated than you think it is.

    Here is a bird that seduces its counter part through creativity by building the most “beautiful nest”.


    A number of other birds are known to attract their partner by dancing displays which can be described with a number of adhectives of which you cannot deny the “beautiful”.

    Im sure you could find more examples.

    Also there is a lot of work on evolutionary ethics and empathetical behaviour that has been selected as a trait for survival. Meaning nature decided to care to a certain extent.

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    @Floydian @Santaclauze I believe the nature concept of beauty is directly correlated to healthy.
    Which is not the case of human since we complicate everything.
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    @Floydian we and animal find certain body feature and proportion "beautiful" or better desiderable because they are direct manifestation of an healthy individual.

    You can see it reflected in human history as well, in the past the idea of beauty was for a lady to be roundy, big hips huge bosom, expression of a culture where food was lacking.

    Now (first and second world country) where we tend to die of diabetes more than starvation the (common) idea of beauty is slender athletic body.

    So yeah beside confusing and complicated humans in the animal word just swap beautiful with desiderable. And you would see that it fits multiple species.

    Beside penguins, they collect stones..
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    But not only healthy.

    Scientific experiments have shown that we tend to enjoy the smell of others who have a larger degree of difference in regards to our own genes.

    But then you can argue that beauty is subjective and thus doesnt exist in the objective reality.

    Well you can send a mail to this dude, he might have something to say about ideas:


    Regardless, beauty is rather a subjective perception that is felt across beinga that expresses a sense of enjoyment of a certain situation.

    A birth is beautiful but not like a rose. I can tell you that.

    But now we are fighting about semantics. Guess this leads us to a multiple dimension understanding a bit like that onion theory above ;)
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    @donnico @Floydian yeah and crows as well. They are notorious for stealing shiny things. Also one of the smartest birds. I believe it can resolve a puzzle with up to 6 or 7 steps.
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    I agree with you to a certain extent.

    Wealth has modified our bodies depending on the time period and location.

    Why do you think white is attractive in darker skin countries but the ither way round in whiat skined countries.

    Coz both signify wealth. Ex, in emerging economies people often work outside like in fields, hence the white skin , similar to in europes middle ages, white skin was loyalty because they did not go and work OOUTSIDE in the sun.

    However, in white countries, taned skin = holidays and therefore money.

    Also the fitness craze fita in to this as well. As some one who works but atill has time to take care of therselves must be organizer meticulous and so on... All qualities that usually equate woth success.

    Also the qualities we see in a women and her ability to complete us in a family sphere.

    And know we are in an unfinishable but intersting debate!

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    @Floydian careful! I said something really similar and I got called a pretentious prick. I mean the sentence multiplying stupids.

    Also, yeah considering that birth controll I used only among people with a certain level of instruction we are litterally doing that
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