So... Some fake accounts on Twitter claimed to be Elon Musk and to give shitloads of Bitcoin to those who sent a little amount first. They stole... Wait for it... 180 grand.

That's basically your everyday 419 scam. Existing since before the internet, done with the names of Gates, Buffet, Bush, Obama...

They say "the big bad evil criminals and the poor little innocent victims" I say natural selection. Sorry, in those lion vs gazelle scenarios I always thought that it was fair, no matter how it went.

Just when did humanity get so brainless? Have we always been, is the internet just a catalyst for stupidity?

Just why the fuck must I be an infosec sheepdog instead of a wolf? Man, I could live the life, drink beer and smoke herb while working... Get up at 12, don't give a shit, no boss, no taxes, no social security payments that I don't see jack shit from, and the pay would be better to.


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    The reason you're a sheepdog is that you're not a thief. Sure, it's their own fault if they still fall for this bullshit, but honestly, it's risky as shit as well.
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    People are quite stupid by nature
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    dude damn, this is a good idea, ill try to pull it off too i need some stacks anyway
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    If something is too good to be true, it probably isn't true. That's how easy life is.
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    There are flat earth believers and yet you're surprised at this?
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    I sometimes think that world actually always have been like this, it’s just that in the era of internet we people became aware of that more than ever.

    You know I just would like to live normal mortal life, work, get a family, grow children, have family dinners with neighbours at our house... And don’t give a shit about that stupid world. But for some reason I do care, I would like not to, but I do and I have no idea why. Once I see some stupid motherfucker doing some stupid shit it just makes my blood boil, I just want do something about it, I want people to be smarter... but do I even have power to change that? And then there’s some other stupid motherfucker who claims he is my leader, president of damn country I didn’t even vote for, who’s about to start a war, well because he has the power to...

    World sucks, if you look back at history, it had always sucked, but what choice do we have? Like u said, we are just sheepdogs...
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    The average IQ is around 100.
    So 50% have a lower IQ.

    Quod Erat Demonstrandum
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    You know what is worst? These scams get people that are way smarter than this...

    I have a developer friend, which follows the Elon Musk. He saw the twitter ad, double checked verification, name, photos, posts but.... Never checked the actual TAG itself....

    So, long story short - he's down 2 bitcoins and tried to convince me that I should send my bitcoins as it is a real deal and everything did check out....

    I was the one that showed him that the account was fake and gave all the proof... Still, he didn't believe me ;(

    ps. He's a very good developer, quite successful in life but this... this was the unseen monster out there...
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    @potata that's the investment effect for you right there: the more time and money you have invested into a thing, the less likely you are to give it up.
    We see this in all areas of life, from waiting for a delayed bus(I could walk, but now I've been waiting for 15 minutes already) to politics(we could legalize marijuana, but we've fought for prohibition for 100 years already now).... And scammers have always been experts in applied psychology.
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    @PonySlaystation that is actually a wrong conclusion. If you have nine people with an IQ of 90 each and one person with an IQ of 190, than the avarage IQ is 100 but 90% of people are below the average 🤓
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    @Lensflare ... which would be a non-representative study. 😉
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    @PonySlaystation IQ isn't really worth anything without the proper amount of knowledge, the skills to do your work and a healthy amount of reason and discipline. And the kind of people that have these things instead of an IQ near 200 are probably way less likely to fall for a scam than the full patch mensa member who had zero experience in real life.
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    @ilPinguino that basically comes to the question what does it really mean to be smart?
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    @ilPinguino IQ is just a measurement of how quick you may be able to learn something.
    It has nothing to do with knowlege.
    That's a pretty harsh one on Mensa members...
    A lot of them work professionally in IT or engineering and research. Others are creatives or even have normal jobs.
    I have to disagree on your opinion about mensans who would be more likely to fall for such schemes, since their higher IQ highly relates to analytical thinking, which coincidentally is extremely important to not fall for fraud. 😉
    A high IQ does NOT make anyone a "better" human. I know real assholes which are Mensan, others are lovely and generous. They are absolutely just normal people who can analyze things quicker...
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    @PonySlaystation note that I didn't say mensa members. I said mensa members who lack any form of practical intelligence and /or life skills.
    Besides, I'm a solid 135 myself. I just don't use it as an argument because I have other things that speak for me.
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