Freinds/Family: You study computer science?
Me: Yeah
Friends/Family: so you write in 1s and 0s all day? How do you do it?
Me: *Rethinking choice in friends*

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    Answer "1"
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    So because they don't know what you do for a living, you would unfriend someone?

    Not trying to be a dick, but that's fucking stupid. At least they:

    a) care enough to ask and show some levels of interest
    b) didn't ask you to fix their printers
    c) didn't ask you to make shit for them without getting paid.

    Like you can't expect someone who has no idea what your job is to know exactly what goes down. Like damn there's a lot more reasons to end friendships.
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    @lucaspar Indeed.

    I'm just pointing out the bullshit as I see it bud.

    People skills are far from a skillset that is common in the IT and programming field lol
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    *Rethinking choice in family*
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    I'd actually feel proud if any of my friends or family knew that computers work only with 1s and 0s
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    More like:

    Freinds/Family: You know how to use a computer?

    Me: Yeah

    Friends/Family: So I have this problem with my computer/tablet/smartphone/router/cat...
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    @Stuxnet When they ask for an app then they see the code
    "Wtf, Write 1s and 0s".
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    1010 1000 111 1000
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