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https://devin.xyz (v.0.0.1)

My quick and semi-ugly solution to save amazing rants and comments forever and more organized.

What it is and it will be:
- archive of rants and comments from devrant that I found very good
- the original ranters will be informed when their rants are archived
- the original ranters and/or the management team of devRant has the right to request the archive content's total deletion
- every single thing on there will be accessible by anyone anytime anywhere (as log as server is healthy)
- open-source

What it may become:
- anyone can register and save their archive
- dev content archive from other sources
- dev articles blog

What it will never have/be:
- any form of payment
- ads
- tracking (I don't even wanna know how many users are viewing)
- non dev related content
- devRant

I'm willing to create user accounts for anyone interested in very near future. So please buzz me here if you want one.

So far it's a website of Laravel + Voyager + bulma with very minimal custom codes (I had to write below 100 lines of code in total). It is on Vultr server.

I'm gonna maintain and update as much as I can on my spare time. Hence I don't consider this as a collab. However, the code is on gitlab private repo. I'll make the repo public soon as well. Any contribution is gladly welcome. 😄

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    I'll put an about page with simple to-dos I have in mind for this project in next 2 hours. Feel free to share your thoughts.
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    @Floydian thanks bud. He has been giving brainstorming and giving advice to me under his freelance thread :D
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    Sounds like a nice project 🙂 can anyone save anyone else's rants or only the OP? In the latter case, how are they going to get verified? In case an OP objects to having their rant saved, can they do so? Just like with the saving of rants, how is OP going to verify themselves as such in order to be able to revoke a saved rant?
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    @Condor everything is currently in a very manual way :3 I am the only user there and the one saving things.

    I informed the OP under their rant with a comment after I saved to devzin :P I will take anything down with their request.

    How to do it in programming? I haven't thought of it yet.
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    Aah please dfox give us oauth!
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    Sounds nice!
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    On my page on mobile the text goes over the container border, probably because of the note you added :)
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    @JoshBent yeah I also found that bug 😬

    The rest of archives fine. You are special 😆
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    @cursee haha yeah I noticed :)
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    @JoshBent hmmm found the bug and it's a funny one.

    I got lazy and just pasted the url of images you attached. Planning to show the image at next version where UI is improved.

    That image path URL is breaking the responsiveness. Probably because Bulma/browser consider it as a very long word and don't think about wrapping it down to another line.

    For now, I just removed those paths since I'm a lazy bastard 😅
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    It's dead now
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