Ok I'm going to jump in on the new iPhone shit, yes they are expensive, yes they are pale in comparison to flagship android devices (no I'm not an apple fan at all but I like Mac) but you don't buy an iPhone for the hardware, you buy it for the software and custom silicon.

iPhones will probably out perform android in synthetic tests for ever, they are working with custom designed hardware, custom software where as android will run on a multitude. Can't have 1 size fits all without compromise.

I will still say that iPhones are 110% to the power of 100 not worth the money in any way, but I'm sick and tired of seeing people compare iPhone to android when it's like comparing apples to oranges -,-

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    But bad reception means that you're holding your phone wrong, and bent enclosures means that the forces exerted by your legs must be too strong.. and that broken parts means having to buy a whole new phone 🙃
    Think Different!
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    @Condor not saying apple isn't the lumps inside of a shit sandwich because they are
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