"Parliament’s position toughens the Commission’s proposed plans to make online platforms and aggregators liable for copyright infringements. This would also apply to snippets, where only a small part of a news publisher’s text is displayed. In practice, this liability requires these parties to pay right holders for copyrighted material that they make available. Parliament’s text also specifically requires that journalists themselves, and not just their publishing houses, benefit from remuneration stemming from this liability requirement.

At the same time, in an attempt to encourage start-ups and innovation, the text now exempts small and micro platforms from the directive."

So is devRant as a small platform exempted from this or would I or dfox have to pay to get people interested to read their link now? 🤔

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    I think i might be the first one to get sued under article13 with my devzin :3
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    Internet in 30 years : "Hey, check this cool link! Oh, hold on, I have to pay to share it to you."
    Snippets, man... Paying for fucking snippets.
    The law, at least the Belgian law, has already a copyright law on quotes from other media. It says basically that you can take quotes as long as it is clear that it's quoted, that the source and author are clearly denoted, and that it shouldn't harm the original publication's sales (in the sense of "don't quote whole fucking books, motherfuckers, we're not that dumb"). Guess what are snippets? Quotes from other media.

    People are afraid of spiders, but they really should be afraid of politicians.
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    When I checked who voted for this crap in my country I found out that only fucking old dickhead politicians who don't understand how internet works did. Fucking 50+ pussies...
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    Check out MEP Julia Reda. She does amazing work on this topic, but she seems to be fighting all alone against an overwhelming majority of old-ass conservatives that trust only what the lobbyists say.
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    If problems because EU bullshit, move servers to Thailand, Russia, whatever.
    Fuck them fuckers in the ass. More laws to make rich people more money and poor people more poor.
    Greed makes the world worst except for the 0.1% who owns 99.9% of the money.
    I would suggest a baseball bat with pepper in the ass for that fuckers, but they would probably like it.
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    The internet should be subject to the treehouse-law. If you're too old to get in, you're not allowed to make rules for it. - From @Ned_Erl/Twitter
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