To create a native CLI application for Linux, windows and Mac using C or just use C# and tell people to use mono... These are the real questions that I can't tell if I'm too lazy to ask myself properly...

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    Use Go and cross-compile that shit.
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    @metamourge oh I like this idea
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    use .NET Core for C#, no need for Mono
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    @thoxx only had bad experiences with .NET core, mono has a soft spot in my heart
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    Oh okay :(
    I'm running a CLI and Web App with .NET Core on Oracle Linux and never had problems.
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    @thoxx hmmmm. Might give it another shot but my experience has had it really bloated and a lot more confusing for the general use than mono.

    Like for Ubuntu it's simply Sudo apt install mono-runtime and done
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    @lxmcf I've always felt mono was bloated.

    .Net Core is super light-weight. I'd love to hear what frustrated you that much.
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    @Mitiko Mostly installation and just the name .NET core has given me issues, been working with other people and with all the difference between the .NET framework, adding .NET core has given me issues with people installing asp.net, mono, a new .NET update etc.

    Going to give it another shot just for the shits and giggles though...
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    @lxmcf The installation is really just a one time process. Ubuntu then takes care of the updates automatically. (BTW, you have to update often, because they just released 2.1.402 as a vulnerability was found in 2.1.401)

    .Net Standard basically takes care of switching from .Net to .Net Core. And it is simultaneously installed with either of those.

    You shouldn't prefer Mono over .Net Core just because of the frequency of the updates. Exactly the opposite. More updates means better framework. LTS versions such as 1.0 and 1.1 and 2.1 should only be updated when a security breach is found (hopefully never).

    With everyone I've worked so far, there has been a clear understanding and no misconceptions about which frameworks support C# and which environments you can use them in.
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