my laptop started lagging AS FUCK so i BARELY even managed to open task manager to see whats happening and of course. what else could i expect


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    You are a brave man to open Chrome and Android studio together
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    Too little RAM. That has never happened to me on machines with 6GB+.
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    *10 Tabs open*
    *Android Studio open*
    *8GB of RAM"
    "Why is my computer so slow?!"
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    @Skayo i have 10 tabs open
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    how the fuck does PS CC use not even 20mb?
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    Why utorrent though? That shit's nasty!
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    What's nasty about µTorrent?
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    Malware always uses a lot of your resources
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    Well maybe it's because the calculator is iddle, give it some usage ans the magick will happening -_-

    Jokes appart, hate it also when Android studio sucks rams 😒
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    @Skayo I don't know if this is still relevant but utorrent got worse at some point. There are better alternatives such as qBitTorrent. Following link is the first one I could find about the matter: https://reddit.com/r/Piracy/...
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    Conspiracy theory: Google is about to buy a RAM fab.
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    You are lucky though you don't have to do ML on laptop. 😏
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    @SukMikeHok @Skayo
    uTorrent is proprietary and just overall terrible. Transmission, Deluge, or even qTorrent are better and open source.

    Please switch as soon as possible.
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    I need my 16GB ram only for 50 tabs in 3 Firefox windows xD
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    Glad i ditched chrome and i don't use android studio... Oh they're both fron google
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    @Codex404 God dammit beat me to it!

    But yes, OR, you might want to check that spyware infection out 😬
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    I've 32 GB of ram and I run around 300 tabs on Chrome. Somedays I feel it runs so fast that I forget about this, but sometimes it's like damn slow.
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    @oxyenyos question: do you have a search engine on top of chrome to find and open a tab?
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