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    Since I don't know the language, could somebody explain why in the first sentence "los usuarios" is placed between a "ven" and an "a", but in the next one "los programadores" is before a "ven a"? I would expect the sentences to have simar structure since they're both clearly saying "How group A sees group B".

    Is it just an optional thing and a matter of style, or does it convey any meaning?
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    @RememberMe you are right! But in spanish you can tell it in both ways and its gonna be understood
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    @oliveroing ah okay, thanks.
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    Hmm, I can't chose if I should downvote this.

    Reasons to downvote :
    - No english (wtf dude?!)
    - Clearly an overseen fucking old joke, and a repost

    Reasons not to :
    You seems to be a new user, and as it, used the joke/meme category that even some old ranters are still too dumb to understand.
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    @Jakuho I am from Argentina and I uploaded my first post in spanish xD
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