God has abandoned us all

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    I bet there aren't any unit tests too!
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    I'm always amused when people use jquerey purely for ajax request, seems like so many people forget about the standard XMLHttpRequest.
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    Jason is a n g e r y
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    Ahhhh yes there are these kind of comments where developers are too afraid to even rename a function... definitely no tests
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    At least they had the decency to name the second function something more visually distinct as opposed to just postJSON and postJson as indicated by that second comment. I know what I would have done... 😈
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    At first I thought this is related to @jase and @real-jase
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    I love the fonts
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    @hexc I'm not kidding, I had to dig through the Internet for a working vanilla AJAX implementation. EVERY other example used jQuery... Lazyness is contagious.
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    @620hun what about axios tho
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    // todo rename to postJsonBourne?
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    Whoever he's, he should get vscode and find and replace all the occurance one my one manually.
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