The industry is sometimes sad and hilarious at the same time. There was a townhall at my workplace and our country head was talking about all the new tech we were working on. Now he is a good business person but I doubt him as a tech guy. And then he went on ranting about AI and ML and how they are to going change the software landscape and how developer as a profession will become obsolete. He said the technology will reach up to a point where we no longer need to write code to build software. Obviously, I couldn't digest it and confronted him the moment after the event.

Me: so why do you think writing code will become outdated?
Him: it's just that we will be able to create a technology through which we can simply command a machine to build a software.
Me: oh. But someone needs to tell the machine how to do it right?
Him: yes. We have to train the machine to act on these commands.
Me: and do you know how you "train" these machines?
Him: umm...
Me: by writing code.

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    But then wouldn't it be for every 1 person that can write code (to power said ML roboWix) eliminates the need for 9 others devs?
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    Actually he's not entirely false...indeed there are some programs that are translated into a semi usable software....if someone perfects them we would need half the developers...anyhow it's too early to contemplate about these things....
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