Stupidest client ever:
I once had a client that requested me a new website, all went well and get paid.
After a month our two, he called and requested a change on basically all pages. I sent him a estimate of 2h, he approved, signed a contract and I've made the changes. He never paid me that changes. After 2 months ignoring my calls and emails I've rollback to the pre-changes website. He called me anything you can think off and that I would be sorry for done that... I was like... WTF??
- Pay me and I'll put the changes online.
He replied:
- you will be sorry. See you in court.
We went to court because of FUCKING 200€...
Court decision? The client was obligated to pay me the 200€ and all the court expenses...

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    It's hard to even imagine what's going on in the heads of these idiots
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    @jlave215 Maybe wanted to win the court case and make money. So he faked the project.
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    Lmfao rekt
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    Isn't it clear he would lose any case.

    Idiot, it's technically yours until they pay you why can't people get that
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    Would like to know how much time it took him to call you when you reverted the changes
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    To bad you couldn't charge him for all the wasted time also. To many idiots in this world!
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    A wise man on DevRant once said you need to decrease the body opacity ever so slightly once every couple of days
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    @iOReK0, I've sent him an e-mail letting him know that I've reverted the changes due to non payment. He called me in 10 minutes... 2 months ignoring me but after that called in 10 minutes...
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    @thmnmlst I can't do that because the website was already paid. If I did that he could call that I've hacked is website and I would lose the case
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    @fabiomsnunes good on you, for being the smart one here
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    @codebrauer backdoor, always backdoor everything... I usually create a user with admin rights and hide it from user list so that I can't be removed or even anyone know about it
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    You did way better. A few months ago a client did not payed for changes on his already made website. It was just doing responsiveness for his website for fucking 130 euros. I did the changes, sent the invoince, now fast forward 3 months, 7 emails and 4 calls, all ignored, so I did reverted all the changes on his website and let him know I did. Response? He of course cut all the passwords, and reverted website to previous - already responsive version, because hosting provider probably had backup... We lost money, in my country it is not even illegal to fuck someone of money since it is not more than 360 euros, so even court would be already lost. So I, as a bad person just did him a bad reputation all over the internet and made a few free-hosted sites about how he fucks with clients etc. This is so anti-seo, that he will probably loose more than 130 euros. AND note that I also reported him to all the byrocracy government institutes. Like tax collector etc. They will surely visit lol
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    The justice system works...

    Oh and a 404 redirect is far too kind... Lemon party or similar would be more entertaining.
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    @kaga that's what I wanted to do but unfortunately I can't... But once did a thing close enough to that... On a other client the didn't paid, I've changed all is website to a red background with a blink text on the middle ahaha it has a huge success on my city...
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    I think there is market for a website where software developers can share info on their non-paying clients, so everyone could avoid them.
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    @zfor it is a great idea... What features would you want in it? I'm seriously thinking on developing something like that...
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    @fabiomsnunes I can image it in two different ways.
    1. A simple black list, where you can post when a client screws you over. You select what happened (client refused to pay, etc. ), write a description, and post. The client will be listen on the black-list for N amount of time, available for all devs to see and avoid.

    2. A more complex thing, where you can rate your client based on different aspects. So not only on a 1 to 5 scale. The clients would have reviews and scores assigned to them. If a client has bad ratings and/or reviews, devs can avoid them (or offer higher prices, due to the risks :) ).

    Well, these are my rough ideas. What do you think? I really think there is market for a web application like this. If you're interested, we could start a GitHub repo for it ;)
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    @zfor I think that option 2 is the way to go, not just so that we (devs) can review a client, but also that other people can do so, other suppliers for example.
    The thing is that websites like those already exist... Even on google and Facebook you can place a review
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    I'd be interested in the repo for this
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    @thmnmlst if a 404 page is found, is it still a 404 page? 😶
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    @zfor lets fund it.
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