btw boobies because hair color and because sometimes I speak about myself in feminine gender just to mess with people (and because mentally I am probably a woman even tho physically I look like a man - shit happens)

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    you should probably be more consistent or at least use commas or periods. I can't make out what your point is here.
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    @CoffeeNcode Yea... I probably should, I have a hard time reading it myself :D
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    @D3add3d ^^
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    @CoffeeNcode I think I got their point. But I'm experienced since I encounter broken English in our code at work.
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    I guess it's about the avatar, and that you can't adjust the size of breasts.
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    Btw. @D3add3d since it's 2018, you can be whatever you feel like (:
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    @Wack It's about the avatar and the fact that you can't have blue hair if you choose the other gender 😂
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