So I have a pretty decent job on a more than good wage working for a larger company... I have my own team and get a good bit of responsibility with the role..... But the culture outside of my team is non existent....business is a mess and everything is a war to get anything done... I wish I could just take my team and do my own thing.... So.....

An old colleague and a great friend wants us to do our own thing... The money looks good... There is great demand... She is already doing it and making great money and turning down work and wants an equal partner in the business idea.. Equal equity split...

.... Why am I so worried about leaving a job I don't really have much loyalty too? Ironically the friend wanting me to go do our own thing with hired me here and got me promoted!

I want to go do it but something is keeping me here and I don't know what.... Am I just making excuses not to go?

Am I being rational wanting to stay or tricked of this false security a big firm offers?

Thoughts in the comments plz

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    The equity split is what sets her apart from the average exploitative startup. You'd seriously be working for your own success. That is a step many founders don't want to do. So, I think from her side, it looks honest.

    However, most startups fail, that's the hard truth, and I think that's why you are hesitating. But don't overestimate safety at big companies. If they do layoffs, then a lot of people are fired at the same time, and that makes it harder to find a local job.

    Since you do like organising stuff properly and are just kept back by your current big company, that would be your chance.

    I'd take a close look at her business figures. How much capital of her own, how much debt, how much debt interest, how much sales volume, what's the profit rate, and what is the resulting profit rate of the own capital. Is that setup healthy?
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    You now live in a cosy enterprise world. You have limited power and reponsibility. Little oportunity to grow but therefore fixed hours and a fixed wage.

    You don't get these guarantees with a startup. Not knowing about your situation, I would take the offer, as she aparently allready has proved the business model works and she's convinced your skills would do good.
    No risk, no fun!
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    @Fast-Nop indeed... She's a good friend, I've worked with her in a few different companies... Our skillets really compliment and she's really serious about it being a joint approach.

    The financials looks good... She's just been able to put a deposit down on a new house just from the first few months profits and is turning down work so there is already growth in there to fully exploit from day one

    Both of us have worked in large enterprises and the lack of agility is something that always bugged us n as d the corporate Red tape issues.... I spend more than half my time chasing internal problems now rather than just making the company money - something she isn't having to deal with now!
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    @Wack indeed! It's that false sense of security that comes with the bigger business..... Most of my time is spent cutting through red tape internally so the bigger this beast is its slowing us down massively.....

    I don't feel loyal to the business but leaving does make me feel like im walking away from my close team as its an awesome team I've built....

    Friends business model is the one we pitched here over 2 years ago and they did nothing with and now its thriving her doing it herself and she wants her partner in crime back to help it grow now!
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