Master/Slave terms we're just removed from python. Why? Who needed / requested this? Do people not understand these terms to such a degree that they actually offend people?

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    Welcome to 2018.

    Can we have another plague?
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    Who requested this? A soy boy virgin who craved for attention that's who.
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    @JKyll actually it was a guy working at red hat: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/...

    I personally don't care. And honestly so should probably all in here. If you get offended by this changes that proves that names can "trigger". From a technological point I would agree, that master and slave is just the terms to use, however if anybody feels better I'd happiely get rid of them and use parent/child or whatever. In the end naming shouldn't matter.
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    @Wack it's not the changing of terms that bothers me, it's the reason behind it, it is still an ideological movement trying to police what you say and write, "cleansing" terms they don't approve for political reasons.

    It's not about technology, it's not about changing outdated terms, it's not about programming or making the workplace a better place, it's about removing words that bother a minority with a political agenda from everything they interact with from media to your own private life to your workplace.

    Like you said "they are just words used within the right technical context they should bother no one, no one should care"

    If you can't see that, you are willingly ignorant or haven't been watching the news lately. I will not police what I say or what I think to accommodate your ideology.
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    does it already included in PEP 8?
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    @JKyll This. This this this.
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    Also: they don't actually offend anyone. These terms have been in use for hours many decades now? And in 2018 someone finally says something? I call total bullshit. It's political and nothing else.
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