Just curious what people's opinion is on paying for source code?

Not going to do it but just a random question that popped into mind...

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    @lxmcf you mean donating?
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    @perotti or if someone builds a website/app if they should also have to give you the source code, so you would be able (as a client) to move to some other dev?
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    Shit, read it as OSS. Hence the confusion. Yes, always charge extra if they want the SAWCE
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    @perotti well i'm not sure either how to read it, so I guess we need @lxmcf to clarify before giving an answer/opinion to the question
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    Honestly I think this should be something that should be discussed up front. If not explicitly agreed that all code belongs to the client, I think it is implicit that the developer holds the copyright and can liscense as they see fit.
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    @deadPix3l agreed. If it's a good client I however would have no remorse sharing the code.
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    Sorry was on break at work and only had like a second to write this.

    Just in the past I've seen free to use software actually charge for the source code to the general public, can't exactly remember what applications these were but hopefully that clarifies
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    Oh well, then there's the free as free in ... Discussion.

    If you offer something for free it should IMO either be open source or not free in the first place...
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