I started working in 2014. In one of my first jobs they gave me a virtual machine running Windows 2000.

I had a conversation that went more or less this way:

Me: «Why a so old OS?»
Boss: «Because we rely on an old library which has been compiled on Windows 2000»
Me: «What library is it? Who wrote it?»
Boss: «We wrote it. It belongs to our company.»
Me: «Can we try to port it on a more recent OS?»
Boss: «Oh, we've lost the source code a long time ago...»
Me: «...»

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    But its possible to decompile dll's :/
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    @zemaits I had not thought about that, but I do not know if it was worth. Anyway, I do not work there anymore and I'm sure that virtual machine is still running. :D
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    Lost it as in code got deleted or code was sold to someone else making their ownership void?
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    @asgs They physically lost the original source code.
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    @sergiolarosa89 I still have on a hard disk a copy of cat photos I took 15 years ago, how can companies lost software they developed? :D
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    🤣🤣🤣 Now that's a pain to deal with! I had nearly the same scenario, i rewrote the library myself 🤣
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