Found in the source code of a site. Interesting.

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    I have a feeling that I will do this sometime, too.
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    @filthyranter Write a comment in the source code like that?
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    I'm really not sure if I'd like to work for a company that uses NUMBERS in its website's name. Are we in early 2000s or what? :D (not talking about hash-like urls/prefixes for auto-generated content)
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    I literally just went into that website to see if it was real. Apparently, they've removed it.
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    @SupressWarnings they probably removed the dude too :p
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    Not even a html 5 doctype
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    Thanks for the heads up?
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    There is this comment further down though:

    "In order to support the development of the network of pregnant women in China, please keep the link information of Chinese pregnant women net.
    We support the development of the Chinese network of pregnant women, said a sincere thanks to friends! Network of pregnant women in China because you are more exciting!"
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    @xorith I am going to be honest, I have no clue what they're trying to say.
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    Pregnant Chinese Women need networking too.
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    Well, that /images/js/ hurts to see, too.
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    @dovipas "templete"? That hurt too
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    require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';
    use GeoIp2\Database\Reader;

    $read = new Reader('/usr/local/share/GeoIP/GeoIP2-City.mmdb');

    $loc = $read->city($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']);

    echo 'See pregnant woman in ' . ($loc->city ? $loc->city : 'you area') . ' looking to be networking';
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    I always wondered how people in non-English speaking countries wrote code.... Makes sense now. I thought they had custom tags and pre-processors to convert it to standard code..... Hmmm
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    @davidricky114 was kinda counting on that too
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    @davidricky114 Yeah man Imagine how hard it would be to find docs in Finnish or Japanese.

    You get docs for your languages runtime, and a few first party libs, but that's about it. And good luck searching this:

    "Type must have a [Symbol.iterator]() method that returns an iterator" in spanish

    aaaaannnnnnddd all the results are in English, which like the error message itself, you can't read.

    like shit. You've got to be able to speak english if you want to use the vast majority of the programming resources that the internet has to offer.
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    @rozzzly I mean, language is a bit different than alphabet. You don't need to switch your keyboard settings (much) if you are a Spanish def

    EDIT: just re-read the other dude's comment. And yeah I agree about the 'need to know English'-part
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    Well to answer that question, there actually are some really obscure languages that incorporate non-english/latin/ascii characters in their syntax.

    One of them is called: Chinese BASIC. not kidding.


    I've never heard anyone talk about them before, so I was surprised when I came across this wikipedia article last week.
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    @Techdaan enjoy your stress ball sir
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