I saw a video on YouTube, iJustine goes on a Linus Tech Tips studio tour in Canada. Its a huge studio and he has like 50 people working for him. He has 2 script writers. He has created a fake kitchen and some kind of a garden to shoot videos inside of the studio. Its amazing how people make careers out of YouTube.

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    50 people seems a bit much, but yeah that's impressive. He has a server with 1 petabyte purely for storing footage. It's impressive to see that 1 YouTube channel has so much expensive equipment
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    i followed LTT since 3 years ago. it's actually impressive watching them moving out from home office to real office. and now it's growing steadily. it's also satisfying watching their organizing day vlog.
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    This comment is brought to you by tunnelbear.
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    @musician 'speaking of tunnel bear, you should definitely check out private internet access...'
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    LTT is one of the few tech youtube channel I genuinely enjoy.
    Also getting a good quality video out everyday is no joke.
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    @MrWouter I may have exaggerated the head count a little bit. But he has a huge staff.
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    @KAS89 *Speaking of counting, have you tried Freshbooks?*

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    Yeah there's no doubt that they are really committed to putting out quality content.

    Also Linus is just an abnormal geek :D
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    I think you kinda need a staff of 50 or so people if you want to push a video every day + techquickie, channel super fun, wan show, techlinked and whatnot...
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    Well he is one of very few tech guys in YT who actually knows what he is talking about and not posting random numbers and buzzwords of the companies!
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