Making ciri from the witcher upcoming tv series a black asian minority ( although she has has elf blood . Elfs are white not black ).

Master/slave controversy.

Introducing random gay movie scenes just for the sake of diversity.

What's next ? Making a documentary about linus torvalds with him being a black asian gay feminist ?

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    Wait what? Up until now I was looking forward to this series..
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    Be careful of hoax, it's far from sure
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    Welp. "What a wonderful world."
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    @Orionss As I read Netflix didn't denied it . But i hope that this is not true .
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    Why would elfs be white? Ive seen quite a few black ones.
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    @Codex404 Depends if we're talking about Dunmers.
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    @SauceBoss isnt everyone part of a minority group?
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    @Codex404 It depends. The "minority" of stupid people is getting larger every second.
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    @cyberhawara @Jilano @SauceBoss

    Hey fellow respect giving devs, I invite you to support my latest rant and my petition to make python great again and ditch that horrible phallic name "Python" and put in place a better name like SNEK. If I tagged you twice I'm deeply sorry.

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    @JKyll Would be even better with the same logo remade in a stupid way :D
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    @Jilano totally agree but I had to make it on my phone lol
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    @SauceBoss Things like that are absolutely offensive. It says "you're not good enough, but we're going to hire you anyway" and then nobody respects you because they think you're the "diversity hire" and didn't actually earn it.

    No, these attempts at "solving" sexism/racism/etc. actually introduce it.
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