EU should have their own private internet and ban the entire internet.

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    Don't encourage the fuckers!
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    Expect everything after what I just saw ...
  • 3
    Just like North Korea? Niiiiiiice /s
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    The silicon valley ( tv show ) developers have they own realistic github account Is there a hope that pied piper release the “new internet “ without ACTA2 after season five XD
  • 2
    Than it should be called intranet.
  • 3
    Noooo T_T don't give them any ideas!! Please, don't! I like my internet and don't want a Chinesium abomination of it!
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    I'm already feeling the effects...
    Have 5gb of internet, if I passed it I could buy extra packs... Now if I spend it I can't do anything to get more except waiting for the next month...
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    Well, that's very ironic, because the US have ruined the Web before it was cool... Just think DMCA ;)

    But it's also true, both of these together are scary
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