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    Founding father?

    If I call you “daddy”, will you give me stock options for my birthday?
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    Congratulations! I wish you all the best for this career step!
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    It's far from a career step. It's a side project, but it's dealing with financial data, so I want it to be enclosed in a LTD. If it does grow big enough to support someone's salary, I'll employ my business/life partner first anyway.
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    @BrainDrain How about I'll just pat you on the shoulder, say "this may be yours one day" and then I just 'forget' you in my will?
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    Congratulations. 😊👏🏻👌
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    Best of luck :D
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    favorited this post. i have so many questions. please add me on discord: defalt#3157
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    @Vuetiful I was going to blow it all in Vegas anyways.
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    That's awesome!
    Way to go 😊
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    (Also: tags can contain spaces)
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    Welcome to the club!
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    bless up 🙏
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