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    That.. is a Nexus 4. We are in 2018. HOW!
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    It's small, cheap and it works.
    custom rom ofc.
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    @DataJockey and it's awesome. Nexus 5 per say was a master piece. Very premium and small phone not like today's gigantic 6+ inch phones.
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    @py2js yeah, don't like big phones either.

    this is a nexus 4 btw.

    The nexus 5 is also very good, but i don't like the bumb on the back for the camera.

    I just bought a 5x for my mum for only 100€! =)
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    I had the Nexus 4 and after it died the 5x. Both are pretty awesome phones with an awesome custom ROM selection.
    Sadly they are both dead now, I'm currently using a Moto G5 Plus which is also pretty nice, cheap and has a decent custom ROM community (running a custom Android 9 ROM right now).
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    @flocke i'll check that out. Thank you for the tip.
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    @DataJockey Unlocking and flashing custom ROMs isn't as straight forward as with the Nexus phones but the community is pretty active. It shouldn't be to expensive as well, I believe the G6 Plus was announced recently so the prices provably dropped.
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    @vexusia 16 is out for nexus4? i'm still on 15.
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    I hear you. My mum does not care about the os version. =)
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