Hey Guys. I need to do a Project in School. Ist can last about 3-5 Months but I have no fking idea what to do.. You Guys have some good ideas? Best would be in Web Technologiea

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    Simple management system for store?
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    Movie database, get movie list from an external API, let users l add them to watched lists, comment/favorite on movies /actors /directors. Give users statistics about what types of movies they have added to watched list. Maybe ability to create custom lists. And to share this all a forum of some sorts. Use laravel +Angular /vue.
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    Lol I have to some shit like that in python. Kill me!
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    A little cms ? Specified in one type of website creation like business company, where it's possible for the visitors to create an account.

    It'll make you learn and work and on users rights, roles, on db, and some front. Often a perfect school project
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    How about a management system for your school? Managing courses, students, grades, programmes. Lots of different areas involved and maybe it will even be used (friend of mine did this for his school some years ago and they still use it)
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