The weirdest shit happened today. My 14 year old sister comes to me and asks me that she has a million dollar app idea that I should make her so that she can put it on the app stores and earn.

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    was it any good idea?
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    She is either on the right track or worst possible track... I'm hoping the former
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    And she'll split the profits with you fifty fifty after you've done all of the work.
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    @heyheni i don’t know. I am yet to hear it from her. I hope it is good.
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    @cervantes01 yess. I believe. I think. I can’t say. ­čśé
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    A few years ago my 8 year old daughter told me "they should make emoji passwords, they'd be easier to remember...". I laughed it off, but as the night went on (we were at an outdoor movie laying in the grass), I started thinking about the possible number of permutations in say the apple emoji set vs the standard keyboard layout.... and realized she might have something. A much larger set of passwords, easy to remember for kids, and easy to make high entropy passwords this way. Went home and started googling... someone literally filed a series of patents on this exact idea TWO WEEKS before this. Point is, these ideas are usually ridiculous, but listen to kids -- they're interfacing w/tech at a level most of us never think of. Sometimes they have decent insight, but usually not lol.
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    @invalid-json agree, when i see how different kids use their phone than i am i'm in awe. And they're the future customers of the next billion dollar online service.
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    why nobody think of the children T__T
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    Sound like my GF 2 week ago...

    She just started programming classes and claims to have an idea worth millions but she won't tell me anything about it since i already have the knowledge to make it and she dosen't want me to run away with her idea and become a billionaire before her.
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    @littledaxter lmfao, we need to hear this idea right now
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    Might try to get her to talk tonight.

    I have to show her how to remove/put back HDDs and RAM sticks for a mini-test this week (<- OMG! soo cute! little baby steps! awwwnnn)
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