What's with all these master/slave terminology rants?

Clearly the world's biggest problem is the default of white text (foreground) on black background in most terminals.

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    Yes because white colors eats more electricity
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    I agree, this was my face when I discovered I could change my terminal's style (also white text is hugely racist I agree).

    I wanted to invite you to support this petition and my latest rant, it's for a good cause.

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    @JKyll Your I-desperately-need-attention module is stuttering.
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    @monolithicblob just got an upgrade thanks to you
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    Black on white is much better to look at.
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    If SJWs had their way, everything would be a 50% gray soup.
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    a white color has RGB 1, 1, 1 while black is 0, 0, 0 , clearly white supremacists are behind this
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