Who is actually happy about the removal of the master / slave terminology from python ?

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    I am tbh, I had a special blanket I needed when reading those terms when debugging phyton code.

    Also Check this rant to support women

    And welcome to dev rant!
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    I don't seen how anyone could be angry about it honestly.
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    Vocal few.
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    I am not happy, I am not angry.
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    @monolithicblob well, i'm definitly not angry about it. Just surprised.
    It's not like someone wanted to offend people when coosing these terms. They are accurate. In my opinion, when someone gets offended by these terms in this specific context... sorry but what the hell ?!
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    @Linux I'm also stale, in an equilibrium as a physicists would say
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    @JKyll and ty for your warm welcome btw
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    @newfap eager to see your future dev related professional tantrums here (no sarcasm) welcome to the club
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    @newfap Probably not, but it is not you who decide if the terms are derogatory or not.

    PowerDNS and other software uses primary/secondary term since long anyway, python is just catching up. It is nice that we can get rid of the redundant terms anyway :)
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    @JKyll I'm working on it
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    @JKyll I am angry, because idiots get validated and feel empowered to propagate their idiocy further.
    I love being a developer - it's so separated from all the political bullshit. You create, you express yourself, you're free.
    And then the thought police comes in and says we shouldn't use certain words, because, when referring to humans, it might trigger people whose great-great-grandparents were described by that term.

    These people should be ignored, laughed at, and not empowered to dictate how everyone else should behave.

    Because if we start referring to humans every time we use words, we'd be very very fucked, which is why sane people don't do it. Right?

    Because a car can fit 5 guys in it. My bull can plow that meadow continuously for 30 minutes without rest. I killed all of the children, but the parent just won't die. I'm gonna make more copies and sell them for yearly fees.
    We manipulate hardware and software, not people, you fucking retards.
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    @monolithicblob that is correct. However, this is my opinion. So, if there are a lot of devs angered by such terms. Remove them. Otherwise, why bother ?
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    Not happy about it, but honestly not too happy about the master/slave terminology either.
    (A bit surprised though how emotional people react to this change. 🤔)
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    @AndSoWeCode Congrats, you managed to work on an isolated island this far. Everything has politics, come on.
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    As a self proclaimed "advanced civilization" we gotta get our priorities straight
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    @newfap yeah, they usually remove themselves after they have spammed down every board about how hard it is to keep up with human progression.
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    @Holyfield3000 Dude, it's 2018. Don't say awful things like straight!

    "We have to keep our priorities... Not curved?"
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    Black people.

    Seriously, it pisses me off. I though the current state of the world would not brush off to smart people circles, like devs.

    I guess we are all stupid.
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    @mundo03 it was actually a "fair-skinned" individual that heated up this recent debate, idk about previous talks.

    I think because of simple courtesy the "slave" term shouldn't have been used in the first place. They must've known this would've ruffled feathers. No problem with the master term.

    My issue is the fact everyone is rushing to extinguish this small fire, while there's a fuckin raging inferno (which sparked the flame) and everyone bats an eye at it
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    It's just sad that there exists some developing countries where talking about slaves could still be interpreted as talking about living people.
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    @electrineer to be fair though, slavery does go on in the world i believe in the middle east
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    @Holyfield3000 a totally agree.
    There are bugger things to takle that mere terms.

    But this is society now, getting offended by words.
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    I still think that people here started to get offended by that term just after it was announced it was going to be removed in python.
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