Classes are classist.

Objects are objectifying.

Race conditions are racist.

Foreign keys are xenophobic.

Functions are ableist.

Thin clients are weightist.

Bitmasks perpetuate heteronormativity.

Code beautifiers promote unrealistic beauty expectations.

Test-driven development is victim blaming.

Forced commit pushes are rape.

Motherboards perpetuate gender roles.

And don't get me started on white space.

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    So the master/slave stuff made you write this ? 🤣
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    It only seemed appropriate to take the piss out of the controversy a little.
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    Loved it
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    We should just write everything in machine code! Maybe we can finally filter out the actual idiots that's plaguing the industry over this PC bullshit.
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    More proof that we need to just use webdings for everything.
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    But we all use the black themes because they're faster!
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    @ethernetzero you're doing God's work sir
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    @monzrmango You know that would just be enforcing a binary worldview right? And totally de-humanize all people that does not fit your narrow worldview? You can't escape it, no matter how hard you try.😄
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    @guddga hahah... wait.. hey!!!!
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